Upgrade & retrofit
Do you consider purchasing a new vacuum system? Compared to a new solution, it is often more cost effective to upgrade, retrofit or refurbish your existing vacuum coating, etch or other vacuum system. Keeping your existing process and proven system functionality are some main advantages.

A retrofit, upgrade or refurbishment means a new extended lifetime of your existing equipment and a faster return on investment. Both quality of your products and yield of your process will significantly improve. A Fergutec b.v. upgraded or retrofitted system will offer you same quality level and warranties as you would have when purchasing a new system.

For years, Fergutec b.v. has been a reliable partner in this area. Under carefull deliberation with the customer, based on budget and demands, we determine which components and items will apply for an upgrade or replacement. The following items often apply for replacement, upgrade or retrofit; PLC system control, pumping system, (DC) plasma power supplies, RF generators, evaporation and/or sputter sources, pressure measurement system, mechanical components, valves, hot/cold water manifold, etc.

If required Fergutec b.v. replaces the old (PLC) control system (ie. Leycom, Kuhnke, Khan) by the desired new (PLC) control system together with a renewed grafic user user interface (GUI). Examples are National Instruments Fieldpoint or Siemens PLC in combination with Labview or WinCC.

Fergutec b.v. takes care of the known respected system brands, but we are particularly specialised in Leybold, Balzers or BPS Unaxis systems.

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Purchasing pre-owned equipment
Via our international website www.fergutec.com, we also offer various pre-owned, used and retrofitted coating, etch and vacuum systems. If required Fergutec b.v. will upgrade or retrofit these systems according to your wishes and specific applications.

Do you have a similar surplus system at your company? Please contact us and after deliberation we will arrange a placement at our website and offer your system(s) to our international contacts network.


Possibilities upgrade & retrofit:

- (PLC) system control and software
- pumping system
- DC & RF plasma power supplies & generators
- thermal and electron beam evaporation sources
- magnetron sputter sources and cathodes
- (vacuum) pressure measurement system
- quartz crystal & optical layer thickness measurement system
- mechanical components
- valves, feedthroughs
- cooling system
- Polycold, LN2 cooled baffle, Meissner or Aqua trap