Fergutec provides on-site vacuum related training courses and instruction sessions, optimized to your demands. The main advantages of our courses, training and instruction are:

  • increase your vacuum knowledge and commitment of your employees and operators
  • better understanding on how vacuum equipment works and the related processes
  • optimizing your maintenance and therefore reducing costs, malfunctions and unwanted line down time
  • becoming a full worthy discussion partner when talking to suppliers or other vacuum specialists

:: tuned to your applications and equipment
:: no unneccessary information
:: on-site or at one of our locations
:: also possible outside working hours


The content of a vacuum training course or instruction session will be completely adjusted to your applications and the equipment present at your company. Subjects often presented in our training courses or instruction sessions are:

  • basic principles, fysical background and calculation methodes, usability and maintenance of vacuum pumps
  • vacuum equipment choice, maintenance and calibration
  • choosing the right leak detection methode, operating the proper equipment for the job and the way to work
  • how to work with vacuum equipment and getting discipline
  • designing vacuum equipment and the accompanying constructive aspects
  • cleaning methode and accompanying aspects
  • deposition processes, such as evaporation, sputtering and (PE)CVD, and accompanying aspects
  • etching techniques and accompanying aspects
  • residual gas analysis and mass spectrum interpretation

If needed, a checklist can be made in co-operation with the participants to be used in their daily work or while checking vacuum equipment.

Alll the participants will receive a syllabus containing, the course content and the "Basisboek vacuümtechniek", published by the NEVAC; " de Nederlandse Vacuümvereniging" (Netherlands Vacuum Society)

The training course or instruction sessions can take place during or after working-hours, or a combination of both

By mutual arrangement your specific demands concerning subjects, time schedule and the way in which you want to conduct our training courses or instruction sessions can be implemented.

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