Coating & vacuum systems
Fergutec b.v. designs and supplies coating and vacuum systems, tailored to your application. Depending on the application, process, available budget and time schedule, we provide a suitable solution.

Fergutec b.v. offers very flexible concepts:

  • MiniLab deposition systems
    compact multi-technology box coating concept for R&D and pilot line thin film deposition environments

  • UniCoat deposition systems
    medium-large scale multi-technology box coating concept for R&D and production thin film deposition environments

  • SputterCoat sputter deposition systems
    dedicated batch sputter systems for R&D and production thin film deposition environments (optional automatic loading)

  • UniHeat vacuum ovens/furnaces
    (high)vacuum oven/furnace concept; horizontal front loader, vertical bottom- and top loader, volumes: 10-150 liter.



:: DC, RF, DC pulsed sputtering
:: thermal evaporation
:: OLED (organics)
:: e-beam
:: vacuum ovens and furnaces
:: specials

   MiniLab - compact multi technique box coating concept  

MiniLab is a compact "cost effective" multi technique box coater concept for thin film deposition, perfectly suited for R&D, multi-purpose experiments and pilot line production applications.

  • compact design, small footprint, capacity for coating of large substrates/wafers
  • very flexible configuration options, easy to modify, retrofit or expand
  • ebeam, thermal and OLED evaporation, sputtering, or a combination of these technologies.
  • turbomolecular and cryo pump packages
  • complete range of sample tooling, heating & cooling stages
  • codeposition options
  • simple operation by manual or fully automated process control system (controller or PC/PLC)

The MiniLab is a new concept in vacuum thin film deposition, designed by an experienced team with a UHV deposition technology background. The MiniLab is a fully integrated compact box coater and provides professional results.

Typical markets & applications: optics, OLED, ophthalmics, semiconductor, optoelectronics, electronic components, solar cells / photovoltaic, general vacuum coating R&D, setting up pilot production systems, special experiments.

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   UniCoat - medium / large scale multi-technique box coating concept  

picture available soon

UniCoat is the multi-technology concept, taking off where the MiniLab concept ends. The unmatched combination of a box-type vacuum chamber of various dimensions and shapes, together with a wide range of deposition technologies and treatment tooling, you can meet any demanding application. The user is able to choose from a complete range of sputter sources, thermal & O-LED evaporation sources, ebeam guns and ion beam related technologies. Depending on the substrate dimensions, thin film layer composition and budget, the user can choose from vacuum chambers with varying dimensions and shapes. General chamber dimensions range (width): 500 - 1200 mm with various height and depth dimensions.

The substrate nature and desired layer composition determine the most optimal pvd 'physical vapour deposition' technology or combination of technologies; thermal, OLED or electron beam evaporation, various (magnetron) sputter technologies or (pe)cvd '(plasma enhanced) chemical vapour deposition'. Depending on the demands, the user will be able to fully control the temperature of the substrates; both heating or cooling. Sample stage options; plain disc sample platen, table, calottes or planetary stages. The UniCoat systems are all PLC controlled and have an integrated flexible layout HMI (Human Machine Interface)

(precision) optics, multilayer optical coatings, data storage, ophthalmics, semiconductor, optoelectronics, electronic components, solar cells / photovoltaic, decorative & wear (protective) coatings, OLED technology, metallization, general thin film depostion research & development.

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 SputterCoat - dedicated sputter system concept

The SputterCoat cathode sputter series are developed for research and production thin film deposition processes by using dedicated sputter techniques, specifically for semiconductor, optoelectronics, display, optics, OLED, Solar/Photovoltaic and data storage applications. Available basic models:

  • SputterCoat 650: manual load or manually operated load lock with cylindrical shaped vacuum chamber; diameter 650mm and height 300mm
  • SputterCoat 850: manually operated or automatic cassette load lock with rectangular box shaped vacuum chamber; dimensions: 850x850x450mm (wxdxh)

This system concept features:

  • various sputtering techniques available; DC, DC pulsed sputtering, high frequency sputtering, bias voltage, high frequency etching, high rate sputtering, reactive cathode sputtering.
  • 2 to 6 off circular (magnetron) sputter cathodes with diameter varying: 75 - 250mm.
  • flexible and complete configuration possibilities
  • 'cost effective' manual operated system or automatic production cluster tool
  • easy operation and fool proof

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 UniHeat - vacuum oven / furnace concept

UniHeat is a flexible cold wall (high)vacuum oven/furnace concept and available in three basic models, configured and assembled according to your application: horizontal front loader, vertical bottom and top loader with volumes; 10 to 150 liter. (up to ca. 1500 degrees C.) For ultra high temperature applications (up to 3000 degrees C.); volumes are < 2 liter.

Typical markets & applications:

  • Degassing and conditioning
  • Brazing of metals and/or ceramics
  • Heat treatment
  • Annealing
  • Melting of high purity metals or alloys
  • Sintering of high purity cermamics
  • High temperature vacuum research
  • Wafer processing
  • Photovoltaic (Solar) technology

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Besides the above mentioned concepts, Fergutec b.v. offers solutions for special requirements. Fergutec b.v. provides (ultra) high vacuum systems consultancy & design. We provide solutions for plasma cleaning and etching, uhv and hv (coating) systems, special gas analysis- and leak detection systems.

Refurbished and pre-owned systems
Fergutec b.v. offers an actual range of pre-owned thin film deposition systems. These systems are available as-is or fully refurbished to customer specification. At the website you will find the live available range of refurbished and used systems. When you are specifically looking for a Leybold, Balzers or BPS system: at our website you will also find an overview of the generation Balzers, Leybold and BPS systems which we supply as-is, fullly refurbished and even build new to order. The new built systems fully comply with todays strict regulations and are equipped with todays most modern available system control and vacuum technology.

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