System and vacuum components
Besides various in-house services and solutions, Fergutec b.v. has several official cooperations with a range of internationally respected manufacturers of system and vacuum components.

The companies all belong to the best in their specific market segments. Fergutec is offical supplier and distributor of these brands. Based on our experience and using our knowlegde as added value, we will make sure you will get the best solution for your application. If required we offer full system integration and turnkey commissioning.

 ADL DC Plasma Power Supplies

ADL manufactures DC (and DC pulsed) power supplies for plasma applications, in various versions; standard or tailored to your application. The power supplies are available with single or multiple outputs. If desired, Fergutec offers full system control integration and turnkey commisioning. The power supplies feature extremely fast arc recognition and arc suppression. Available power ranges; 0.5 to 30kW and parallel operation up to 240kW.

Typical applications; sputtering (DC and pulsed), plasma nitriding, bias sputtering, etching, plasma cleaning / etching, ion sources, neutralizers, electro magnets.

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 Seren Industrial Power Systems (IPS) - RF Plasma Generators

Seren IPS manufactures RF generators for plasma and induction applications; standard or tailored to your application. The standard program consists of two generator families:

  • R- series RF generators, power range; 100-10000W, frequencies; 17 - 40,68 MHz.
  • L- series LF generators, power range; 300-5000W, frequencies; 80 - 460 kHz.

In addition, Seren manufactures auto matching units; power range; 100 - 10000W.
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 Solid Sealing Technology (SST)









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Solid Sealing Technology Inc. specializes in ceramic-metal design and manufacturing of advanced electrical and vacuum feedthroughs, which are used in high-tech analytical and process equipment. SST utilizes advanced sealing technologies and the latest state of the art equipment, to be able to join advanced materials, for example; metalizing of ceramics, hermetic packages, high temperature brazing, glass-ceramic sealing and critical mechanical assembly.

Program overview:

  • vacuum feedthroughs (electric, water, RF, fiber optic, etc.)
  • high voltage bushings
  • connectors
  • coaxial
  • thermocouples
  • isolators / breaks
  • baseplates
  • crystal sensors
  • special customized ceramic to metal (flange) assemblies
  • various accessoiries

Typical markets and applications:

  • semiconductor and analytical equipment
  • industrial lasers
  • defense and aerospace (ie. radiation detectors, chemical detectors (sniffers), high power x-ray systems)
  • medical (ie. MRI, X-ray)
  • nanotechnology
  • thin film deposition
  • power (distribution and generation, superconductivity, fuel cells and alternate fuels
  • telecommunications
  • high energy physics

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 Stanford Research Systems (SRS)


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SRS designs and manufactures equipment for test and industrial applications. Within the SRS program, Fergutec b.v. focuses onto the (vacuum) gas analysis instrumentation. SRS manufactures gas analysis equipment based on quadrupole mass spectrometry. The equipment is used for monitoring and analysis of gas compositions in different pressure regions; overpressure, atmospheric, vacuum and high vacuum

For years SRS quadrupoles are proven to be among the best in the market at an unmatched price level. SRS advanced solutions are perfectly suited for real-time on-line monitoring and analysis of (process)gases and gas compositions, for example; general pollution, solvents, hydrocarbons (ie. oils), non-organic compounds (also corrosive), freons and noble gases.

The compact design, easy operation and extraordinary price level make the SRS products suited for a wide range of industrial and research applications. Also available with Ethernet interface for optimal connectivity and flexibility. SRS products are used for semiconductor (exhaust monitoring, scrubber), glove box analysis, fuel cell, fermentation, thin film, optical storage, electro-optical industries and University and laboratory research.

The gas analysis product range:

  • Residual gas analyzer (RGA); pressure range 1E4 mbar - UHV
  • 'Closed Ion Source' gas analyzer (CIS); pressure range 1E2 mbar - 1E4 mbar
  • Vacuum Process Monitoring system (PPR); pressure range 10 mbar - 1E2 mbar
  • Atmospheric Gas Monitoring system (QMS); pressure range 1 bar - 10 mbar
  • Universal Gas analyzer (UGA); pressure range atmospheric to UHV

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EVAC AG from Switzerland is the manufacturer of superior bellows, hoses, compensators, seals, flanges, pipes, tees, crosses, knees, chain clamps, reducers, etc. in the following materials; plastics, composites, kunststof, phosphor bronze, hastelloy, inconel, copper, monel, ss (304, 316, 320/321, 347), nickel, nimonic, aluminium, silver, gold, indium and titanium. Elastomers; NBR, FPM, FEP, PTFE (Teflon), Kalrez, etc.

In a word, the following (vacuum) components:

  • KF flange components NW10 - NW63
  • ISO tapered EVAC flange components NW80 - NW700
  • glass and ceramic components NW10 - NW160 (duran, quartz, optical)

EVAC is the inventor of the patented chain clamp system. Chain clamps provide a quick connection between pipe elements. Seals of different materials provide a vacuum or overpressure leaktight connection. The chain clamp system is designed for both small and bigger diameters and forces. The system is perfectly adjustable to demanding applications related to high forces, extreme pressures and special materials. The main advantages are:

  • high tightening force
  • distribution of this force
  • simple and rapid connection and disconnection capability
  • low space requirements and the ability to be fitted in hard-to-reach places
  • highly versatile arrangement (dimensions, materials)

Click on the EVAC logo to vist the EVAC website or download the (limited) EVAC catalog with standard components. Please contact us for your specific application or in case you cannot find what you are looking for in the standard catalog.

   European Spectrometry Systems (ESS)

European Spectrometry Systems (ESS) is manufacturer of advanced tailored quadrupole mass spectrometer MSresidual (and online) gas analysis (RGA) systems for atmospheric, (high) overpressure environments and (high) vacuum applications for any gas matrix or composition. You are able to measure multiple residual or process gases simultaneously, also quantitative measurements, optionally EX certified.

  • customized hardware & software tailored to your application
  • powerful analysis software pack
  • solutions/support for mass overlap
  • onsite installation and user training
  • remote diagnostic service & support
  • ATEX (Ex) certification optional
  • DEMO kit available for test and demo's

Typical ESS MS applications and markets:

  • catalysts
  • fermentation
  • semiconductor industry (ie. scrubber & proces)
  • breweries
  • food grade gases
  • life science, forrestation, agriculture
  • medical (ie. respiratory applications)
  • environmental monitoring
  • refrigeration, cooling and airconditioning
  • leak detection (ie. helium, freon and other coolants)
  • (stack) emission
  • 'bulb cracking' analysis
  • complex mixtures
  • military (filter testing)
  • waste water analysis

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   HF High Frequency Vacuum Spark Tester

Often there is a problem to test finished parts in R&D environments and from a series production line in a non-destructive and reliable way. The High Frequency Vacuum Tester (often callled spark tester) provides a productive solution to this. The High Frequency Tester services as a detector of leakages and pressure control on closed glass appliances like lamps, ampouls and windows (panes) Also the testing of porosity purity of non-conductive surfaces like glass, rubber, plastics or coatings is possible.

The amount of pressure, the filling degree and the kind of gas are determined based on the luminous phenomena created. This is done without damaging the content or the glass, as only the gas inside is brought to luminescence. This testing method easily offers great opportunities for product quality control and improvements.

Typical applications:

  • Testing of illuminants (lamps, bulbs)
    The closeness and the gas filling degree of illuminants are tested. This way, the quality of the specific illuminant can be determined. Failures in the production process are quickly recognized and corrected at an early stage. Over and above the application in a bulk production (car headlights and fluorescent tubes) also niche markets can be served like manufacturers of neon signs.

  • Applications in the pharmaceutical industry (ampouls, bottles, cannisters)
    Many of the pharmaceutical products have a vacuum packaging. These packings are checked for closeness and possible strange gases (i.e. particles of hydrogen)

  • Checking of insulation glass
    In order to achieve the required value of heat transition of panes a certain degree of gas filling is required. This can be easily and quickly determined by the HF vacuum tester. The installation of this unit has already lead to alterations in the production process flow for the manufacturing of panes.

  • Checking of solar panels
    The efficiency of solar panels and vacuum tubes is totally dependent on the quality of the vacuum or the gas filling. The quality of the vacuum is fully determinable and controllable with this unit. The quality level is upgraded.

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Besides the above described components, we also supply the following (tailored) components, optimized to your application:

  • rotary feedthrough (and ferrofluidic)
  • heating jackets and heating elements for heating or baking of vacuum piping, housings and chambers
  • shut off and control valves, gas admission systems

 Please contact us and ask about our possibilities