Repair and maintenance
Regular maintenance of your vacuum systems and components is essential for reliable operation and maximum up-time of your processes.

Fergutec b.v. has strategic cooperations and therefore offers quality and fast service at competative rates.

Fergutec b.v. takes care of brand independent repairs, regular maintenance and refurbishments of vacuum systems and components, Also by means of service contracts.

  • (PLC) system control and software
  • residual gas analysis equipment
  • leak detection equipment
  • vacuum measurement equipment
  • prevacuum pumps (rotary, scroll)
  • roots pumps
  • turbomolecular pumps
  • oil diffusion pumps
  • cryo and water pumps
  • Polycold units

Miscellaneous Services
Besides repair and maintenance, Fergutec b.v offers:

  • leak detection of components, pipe(networks) and complete systems.
  • residual gas analysis of pumping systems, pipe networks, (scrubber) exhausts and complete systems.
  • (online) emission measurements on-site, including report
  • supply of spareparts and repair kits
  • extensive regular maintenance check on vacuum systems, setting up maintenance schedules.
  • dismantling and moving of vacuum systems, including turnkey commissioning.
  • Supplying oil and pumping fluids: mineral, synthetic and inert PFPE and Fomblin oil. Greases and lubricants for seals and rotary feedthroughs. Oils for heat exchange, heating and cooling.

 Please also visit our international website for available used, new and refurbished vacuum pumps and accessoiries

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