Fergutec represents European Spectrometry Systems (ESS) in the BeNeLux. In cooperation with ESS, Fergutec is the supplier of custom-made quadrupole mass spectrometer residual gas analysis (RGA) systems. Using these systems it is possible to quantitatively measure multiple residual gases or process gases at the same time, also at Ex locations

:: customized hardware & software tailored to your application
:: powerful analysis software pack
:: solutions/support for mass overlap
:: onsite installation and user training
:: remote diagnostic service & support
:: ATEX (Ex) certification optional
:: DEMO kit available for test and demo's

It is our philosophy to supply a complete solution instead of a single "off the shelve" product. We offer MS analysis solutions for atmospheric, vacuum and over pressure applications.

Besides our standard systems-range, we offer a turnkey solution for practically all residual gas analysis and process gas analysis applications. We supply ATEX certified systems on demand.

Depending on the gases to be measured and the specific process, detection limits up to ppm an pbb-level are possible. In some cases even ppt-level is possible using a combined technique.

  Detection limts ESS MS - common gassen

Nowadays we have many satisfied users worldwide.
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   Typical markets and applications    Systems  
  • catalysts
  • fermentation
  • semiconductor industry (ie. scrubber)
  • breweries
  • food grade gases
  • life science, forrestation, agriculture
  • medical (ie. respiratory applications)
  • environmental monitoring
  • refrigeration, cooling and airconditioning
  • leak detection (ie. helium, freon and other coolants)
  • (stack) emission
  • 'bulb cracking' analysis
  • complex mixtures
  • military (filter testing)
  • waste water analysis

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    online system

leak detection

 portable system

Minitorr 2™
  system integration
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   Upgrades                                           Rental, service and support                                                  

It is possible to upgrade or retrofit your existing mass spectrometer system at very attractive rates.

  • mass range upgrades
  • electronics upgrades
  • software upgrades
  • inlet upgrades
  • detector upgrades
  • ion source upgrades



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Do you want to do a one-time specialized measurement? At Fergutec, you can rent a GeneSys™ system for a specific time. We also offer you our services. In that case we come over and do the analysis for you, including reporting and documentation.

Service and support
Fergutec does maintenance and repair of ESS, VG, Spectramass, Extrel and Pfeiffer mass spectrometer systems. We also offer service contracts with support up to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day...

Pfeiffer gas analysis systems
Pfeiffer doesn't support all older models anymore. We can ! We offer service, repair, calibration and support for the QMG, QMA, QME, QMS and Prisma series. (QMG064, QMA200, QME125, QMS200, etc.)

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