Fergutec b.v.
Fergutec b.v. is an innovative consultancy agency that has been supplying vacuum related systems, services, products and solutions since 1997.

Fergutec distinguishes itself by years of experience in the field and specialized knowledge of the high-end products and processes involved. We are part of an experienced, committed, specialists network en strategic cooperations.

Fergutec is flexible when required, always works solution oriented and strive for durable relationships with our customers.

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Products, systems, solutions:

:: thin film deposition & vacuum systems
:: vacuum system upgrade & retrofit
:: thin film coating materials
:: mass spectrometry gas analysis
:: system & vacuum components
:: turn-key projects
:: consultancy & design
:: service & support

Markets& applications:

:: thin film deposition / coating
:: nanotechnology
:: research & development
:: semiconductor
:: high energy physics
:: chemical & process technology
:: analytical
:: medical