Coating materials
Fergutec supplies advanced sputter targets, pvd materials, backing plates and services for thin film deposition applications. In addition we supply evaporation materials.

Fergutec offers a wide range of products, services and state of the art metallurgy, which provides you a competative advantage.

Proven manufacturing technologies:

  • Vacuum Induction Melting
  • Vacuum or Atmospheric sintering
  • Hot/Cold Rolling/Forging/Annealing
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)
  • Thermal Spray (plasma, twin arc, flame spray)
Material analysis based on GD-MS, ICP, AAS, RFA, EDX and several other analysis technologies guarantee product quality.

With localized production at strategic locations, we offer maximum value.

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Do you know that Fergutec also offers a superior range of DC power supplies & RF generators for thin film plasma coating applications ?

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   Large Area Coatings - Glass , WEB en Photovoltaic - Solar Cell  

For years Fergutec has been a reliable partner in the glass and WEB segment. Planary, rectangular and rotary (C-MAG) (sputter) materials for architectural and automotive glass and mirrors.

In addition, the last few years activities in solar cell technology tremendously increased. Photo-voltaic technology is one of the most important applications; By means of thin films on solar cells, sunlight can be converted into electrical energy.

Typical materials: Mo, Ta, Ti, TiOx, Zn, ZnO, ZnO/Al2O3, ZnAl, InCu, CuGa, Si, SiAl, Cr, NiCr, SS, Cu, CuAl, W, Sn, CdS, Nb, Al, Ag, Al2O3 and special alloys.

 Flat Panel Display
Fergutec is supplier of most metals and barrier materials for flat panel display applications, such as: TN, STN, TFT, FED, PDP, OLED & CF (Color Filter) and offer the often required high purities.

Typical materials: Cr, Mo, Mo+x, Si, SiO2 (quartz), Al, Al+x, Cu, Cu+x, ITO, W, In, InSn and special alloys.
 Decorative & Wear (hard) coatings
Fergutec supplies materials for decorative (i.e. metallizing) and hard coatings, used on products such as; (mobile phone) housings, watches, pencils, glasses, parfum bottles, etc. As a coating, the target materials, provide a gold, silver black or rainbow color simulation.

Materials for product hard coatings where friction reduction, wear or corrosion resistance is required, such as; tools, working gear, door knobs, etc.

Typical materiales: Cr, Ti, Ti+x, TiOx, Zr, Ni, W, Mo, Al, Cu, SS, high purity DLC, Graphite, SiO2, Al2O3 and other ceramics and special alloys.
 Optical Coatings for Communication and Glass

Our daily world without functional optical layers is almost unthinkable. Anti reflective layers for eye glasses, reflectors in lamps or headlights and other every day uses as well as anti reflective layers for laser lenses or x-ray mirrors used in medicine, research and development are samples for the application of optical coatings. Sputter deposition is used more and more for optical layers and is gradually replacing the classical coating processes like vapor deposition.

Typical materials: Ti, TiOx, SiO2 (quartz), Al2O3, Mo, W, Si, ZnS, ZnSe, Ag, Au, Al, Mg, MgF, CaF and other fluorides and special alloys.


Fergutec supplies target materials which are commonly used in known semiconductor sputter systems such as; Anelva, Applied Materials, BPS UNAXIS, Ulvac, Novellus, Trikon, CVC, NexxSystems, Leybold and Balzers.

Typical materials: Si, Al, Co, Cu, Mo, Ni, Ta, TaSi, Ti, TiOx, W, WSi, W and special alloys.

 Optical Media  

Fergutec supplies targets for optical media fabrication; CD/DVD-ROM, CD/DVD-R, CD/DVD-RW, HD-DVD and Blue-Ray. Among others, these targets were proven in systems of Unaxis, M2, FLT, Singulus, Tapematic, Phoenix, Toolex/ODME and ODMS. Typical targets; ARQ-920G, ARQ-900S, CDI911, Singulus2, Singulus 3, etc.

Typical materials: Ag, Au, Al, Cu, Si, TiAl, ZnS, Tb-Fe-Co, In-Ag-Sb-Te and special alloys.

 Bonding and backing plates services  

We utilize two prorietary technologies: 'fluxless solder' and 'intragene', for which patents have been issued throughout the world. The use of fluxless solder provides direct chemical wetting of solder onto such materials as aluminium, cobalt, copper, chrome, titanium, etc. A unique back sputtering technique trade-marked 'Intragene' for metallizing targets and backing plates for adhesion layers. An extensive background in engineering materials and joining techniques, and experience in stress reduction has allowed it to pioneer several approaches to bonding brittle materials of low intermediate expansion to high integrity metallurgical bonds and help customers achieve optimal process performance.

Fergutec also supplies industry standard backing plates for known coating systems. In addition we design and supply tailored backing plates in many shapes, materials and (large) dimensions.


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